Joy 1340

JOY 1340 is an inspirational, religious-centered radio station that provides uplifting programming to a very diverse and committed listening audience.

JOY 1340 is a spoken-word format, broadcasting an interesting and wide variety of church and ministry programs throughout the day. These programs educate, inform and inspire. Congregations across the metro use Joy 1340 to share their messages and to extend the reach and impact of their services.

Weekends are particularly unique, as we invite ethnic organizations to share their  messages. From Hmong to German, Croatian and Polish, JOY 1340 speaks to the community that would otherwise have little access to programming from their culture.

The goal of JOY 1340 is to be an outlet for area congregations and ethnic groups to spread the word in an uplifting, motivating and personal way.

The listeners support the advertisers that support the station with great passion and loyalty. When you add the fact JOY 1340 is one of the most affordable stations in the market, whether you’re interested in block programming or spot schedules, this special and unique station has
opportunities for you to spread the word.


Joy 1340 does not sell statistics. We sell passion, compassion and opportunity.